Come Drink with Me was another film directed by King Hu.  This film is what made King Hu become well known as a director of Kung Fu films.  The film starred Cheng Pei-pei as Golden Swallow and Yueh Hua as Fan Da-pei/Drunken Cat.  The plot of the Come Drink with Me was about a woman named Golden Swallow who goes and fights a group of bandits to bring back her kidnapped brother.  I thought Come Drink with Me was a very fun film to watch.  I loved watching martial arts movies so this film was an easy watch for me.


          What I did like about the film were the two main characters.  It was nice to see a strong female lead in this film.  Golden Swallow was an interesting character to watch.  She was strong, confident, and indecent without a need to have someone rescue her.  Golden Swallow showed off her marital art skills which made her fascinating to watch.  As for Drunken Cat he was a familiar name known to me as martial artist.  He played a character that was a drunk, but an astute martial artist.  Drunken Cat was a character that pretended to be a drunken fool around people until he was challenged to show off his martial art skills.  His character was also amusing to see how he fooled everyone.


           In conclusion, I thought Come Drink with Me was a funny and entertaining martial arts film.  This was a film that I would recommend to people who love martial arts or Asian Cinema.  This film will keep you amused and full of action packed scenes.  The two main leads were also enjoyable to watch.  Despite some of the hockey fight scene this film was solid overall.



Come Drink with Me Review

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