A Touch of Zen Part 2 Review


A Touch of Zen was originally broken into two parts.  The second part of A Touch of Zen was pretty good.  Comparing the two parts was like comparing apples to oranges.  Part two was really good in the beginning.  The ending of part two was when things got a little strange.  First let’s talk about the good.  The fight scene was as good as part one.  The one thing that stood out the most when watching part two was the setting.  The forest and mountains were scenic and watching it brought a feeling of serenity.  I could not get enough of the beautiful settings.  King Hu really did have an eye for his surroundings.  Now for the bad parts of the film.  The ending of the film was very strange.  The film ended with a monk characters turning into a Buddha statue with all the characters staring at it.  This was one part of the film that did not belong in the film.  But other than that the A Touch of Zen was still an enjoyable film to watch.

a-touchof-zen-part-2-pic-4 a-touch-of-zen-part-2-pic-2


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