The Fate of Lee Khan Review


The Fate of Lee Khan was a great film to watch from start to finish.  This film would probably be my favorite King Hu film.  What made this film very enjoyable was the suspense. The suspense between our main heroes and the villains were thrilling to watch.  I was at the edge of my seat when Lee Khan was suspected our main heroes of being traitors.  Another positive about The Fate of Lee Khan was the fight scenes.  I said many times that King Hu’s fight scene were good, but here the martial showed a lot of progression.  I could clearly see the sword fight and the hand combat more clearly than King Hu’s other films.  Surprisingly there was not any negatives towards the film.  Overall I really liked this film and I would highly recommend this to everyone to watch.

the-fate-of-lee-khan-pic-1 the-fate-of-lee-khan-pic-4



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