The Valiant Ones Review


The film The Valiant Ones was an average film in my opinion.  When watching the film for the first time I thought that the plot seemed pretty standard for a King Hu movie.  Our heroes banded together to fight off the Japanese pirates.  For the positive of the film the fight scenes were good.  The film was heavy on actions than the plot.  It was nice to see how much the pirates got fooled by our heroes during the action scenes.  Now for the negatives, I felt like the plot was cliché.  It felt like King Hu took the plot of both Sons of the Good Earth and A Touch of Zen and combine them to into The Valiant Ones.  In addition, the ending was very anti-climatic when our three heroes died along side with the villain.  But at the same time, it was pretty funny how King Hu rushed the ending of the film and killed our main heroes along side with the villain.  Out of all the King Hu films I saw I thought this one was his weakest.    

the-valiant-one-pic-4 the-valiant-ones-pic-3



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