Raining in the Mountain Review


Raining in the Mountain was a very good film.  Unlike the last film I watched, this one was very enjoyable.  The one surprising thing that I liked was that this film was almost void of action-packed scenes. The last film, The Valiant One, was heavy on actions.  It really wore me out when I watched it for the first time.  Raining in the Mountain was a breath of fresh air because there were little or no actions until the end of the film.  The film relied on suspense which was very good and well handled.  The plot was also a positive in the film as well.  Two groups wanted to steal a scroll from the Buddhist Temple. This was something different from the other King Hu’s film.  Another positive were the sceneries.  The mountain, the forest, the river, and the Buddhist Temple were all beautiful to see.  As for the negatives, I did not find anything bad with the film.  If I had to point one out, I would say the film was a little too long.  Other then that I really like this one.

raining-in-the-mountain-pic-4raining-in-the-mountain-pic-2index raining-in-the-mountain-pic-3


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