Painted Skin Review


Painted Skin was the final film by King Hu.  My overall thought on the film was that it was okay.  The film was not great or bad.  It’s more in the middle of the road.  The big highlight for me about the film that was interesting was the concept.  Having the film deal with the spiritual world was different than other King Hu films.  The big problem of the film was that it had the same formula from other King Hu films.  Characters have to fight off the main villain.  I also felt like the quality of the film was poorly made.  It did not seem King Hu had time to make the set design look clean and neat.  Another problem with the film was the quality of the picture which maybe could have been the only copy that could be found with no remastered version.  In conclusion, I thought that Painted Skin was an okay film, but disappointed that this was King Hu last film.



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