One Arm Swordsman Review

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            One-Arm Swordsman was an entertaining film.  Even though the film has a lot of flaws, the film was a good film to watch.  The one thing that was very good was the character Fang Kang, played by Jimmy Wang.  Jimmy did a good job of portraying Fang Kang who was the one arm swordsman.  The character Fang Kang was the underdog who needs to learn martial arts with having one arm.  Throughout the film, Fang Kang wanted to give up on martial without his other arm at first.  You really felt bad for Fang Kang.  At the beginning of the film, Fang Knag lost his father from another clan.  The students rejected Fang Kang for having a poor background and to make matters worse Fang Kang got his arm cut off by Pei Er, played by Angela Pan.  But thanks to Xiao Man there was a manuscript that would help Knag Fang learned to fight with one arm.  When the time came, Fang Kang had to saved his clan, the Golden Sword, from the evil bandits.   Related imageImage result for one armed swordsman

As for negative, the fights scenes were not that excited to watch.  The film was made in 1960s so the fight scenes were not going to be great compared to today’s standard.  But when watching films like King Hu, he does a great job of using cuts when the characters fighting.  But in One Arm Swordsman, they were no cuts to fighting.  We as the audience were watching to long takes of characters’ fight awkwardly.  Even the sounds were very dry.  There were not any sound effects in the film.  There sound but it was done while filming on set.  King Hu would focus on sound.  But despite One-Arm Swordsman’s flaws, it was a very good film.

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