Drunken Master Review

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Watching Drunken Master for the first time was very enjoyable experienced.  It was surprising to know that this film was Jackie Chan’s first film to star in.  What made this film unique to watch was the comedy aspect.  Although some of the comedy bits came from the English dub.  This film has a lot of laugh from start to finish.  Usually when watch martial art films we see the protagonist being very serious type person.  But with Jackie Chan’s character, he was a silly and fun to watch.

        Image result for drunken master 1978    Image result for drunken master 1978

The comedy elements are what this made Drunken Master enjoyable too watch.  This film would mark the start of Jackie Chan’s action comedy throughout his career.  Jackie Chan was willing to have himself look like the fool or be silly.  In the middle of the Drunken Master, Jackie learned the drunken technique.  Once Jackie Chan learned the drunken master he becomes the drunken master.  Jackie’s character knew martial arts, but he was a slacker and silly guy.  But when he was sent to train with Beggar So and learned the drunken arts.  We see the chemistry between these two characters and their comedy bits too.  This what made the film funny and entertainment.  This was the classical tale of master and student, but in the comedy aspect.

Image result for drunken master 1978Image result for drunken master 1978

Another positive thing about the film was the martial arts.  Unlike the previous films, we watched, this film fight was very well choreographed.  Jackie Chan and the student crew did a great job with the fight scene.  Despite the film being a comedy, the fight choreographed were well executed.  We felt the impacts of the fight between the characters.

The only negative one was the English dub.  The English dub is a double edge sword.  On one hand the benefit with the dub was not having to read subtitles.  In addition, the dub added the comedy to the film.  But watching the film’s original language would have made the film more better.  But overall this was a very good film to watch and it’s a film that everyone can watch.


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