The Fate of Lee Khan Review


The Fate of Lee Khan was a great film to watch from start to finish.  This film would probably be my favorite King Hu film.  What made this film very enjoyable was the suspense. The suspense between our main heroes and the villains were thrilling to watch.  I was at the edge of my seat when Lee Khan was suspected our main heroes of being traitors.  Another positive about The Fate of Lee Khan was the fight scenes.  I said many times that King Hu’s fight scene were good, but here the martial showed a lot of progression.  I could clearly see the sword fight and the hand combat more clearly than King Hu’s other films.  Surprisingly there was not any negatives towards the film.  Overall I really liked this film and I would highly recommend this to everyone to watch.

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A Touch of Zen Part 2 Review


A Touch of Zen was originally broken into two parts.  The second part of A Touch of Zen was pretty good.  Comparing the two parts was like comparing apples to oranges.  Part two was really good in the beginning.  The ending of part two was when things got a little strange.  First let’s talk about the good.  The fight scene was as good as part one.  The one thing that stood out the most when watching part two was the setting.  The forest and mountains were scenic and watching it brought a feeling of serenity.  I could not get enough of the beautiful settings.  King Hu really did have an eye for his surroundings.  Now for the bad parts of the film.  The ending of the film was very strange.  The film ended with a monk characters turning into a Buddha statue with all the characters staring at it.  This was one part of the film that did not belong in the film.  But other than that the A Touch of Zen was still an enjoyable film to watch.

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A Touch of Zen Part 1 Review



I saw A Touch of Zen and I really enjoyed the film.  The film was about a painter named Gu Sheng-tsai, played by Shih Chun, who would help a fugitive lady named Miss Yang, played by Hsu Feng.  Together they were out to defeat the corrupted government officials.  One thing that I really liked about the film was the build up to the fight scene.  The film took its times setting up the characters leading to the fight.  The buildup did not drag on too long when leading into the fight.  The fight scene was very good.  Unlike Dragon Inn, the fight scenes were easier to watch and follow, because you knew who was fighting who.  In my opinion, I have no complaints about the film.  A Touch of Zen was a very entertaining film and I highly recommend it to everyone.


Dragon Inn Review


Dragon Inn was a pretty entertaining film directed by King Hu.  This film was a martial arts type film which is one of my favorite types of film to watch.  The main character Xiao, was a very cool character showing off his marital arts skills against the enemies.  There were a lot of over the top actions of characters jumping around or flying during the fight scenes.  The biggest problem with the film was the fight scene.  The editing of the fight was very choppy and very quick cuts that were hard to follow.  Other than that Dragon Inn was a very enjoyable film to watch.  I would recommend this film to everyone to watch this film.





            Come Drink with Me was another film directed by King Hu.  This film is what made King Hu become well known as a director of Kung Fu films.  The film starred Cheng Pei-pei as Golden Swallow and Yueh Hua as Fan Da-pei/Drunken Cat.  The plot of the Come Drink with Me was about a woman named Golden Swallow who goes and fights a group of bandits to bring back her kidnapped brother.  I thought Come Drink with Me was a very fun film to watch.  I loved watching martial arts movies so this film was an easy watch for me.


          What I did like about the film were the two main characters.  It was nice to see a strong female lead in this film.  Golden Swallow was an interesting character to watch.  She was strong, confident, and indecent without a need to have someone rescue her.  Golden Swallow showed off her marital art skills which made her fascinating to watch.  As for Drunken Cat he was a familiar name known to me as martial artist.  He played a character that was a drunk, but an astute martial artist.  Drunken Cat was a character that pretended to be a drunken fool around people until he was challenged to show off his martial art skills.  His character was also amusing to see how he fooled everyone.


           In conclusion, I thought Come Drink with Me was a funny and entertaining martial arts film.  This was a film that I would recommend to people who love martial arts or Asian Cinema.  This film will keep you amused and full of action packed scenes.  The two main leads were also enjoyable to watch.  Despite some of the hockey fight scene this film was solid overall.


Come Drink with Me Review


            The film Sons of the Good Earth was directed by King Hu.  Sons of the Good Earth took place in WWII in China during the Japanese invasions.  The film focused on three characters named Yu Rui (played by Peter Chen Ho) and He Hua (played by Betty Loh Ti).  There were some positive and negative things which I spotted, but it was a good film overall.  The film was entertaining.  When watching this film for the first time, it held my interest from the beginning to the end.  The film had a lot energy captivating the audience.

The one biggest surprise in the film was the comedy aspect.  The comedy did not feel out of sync but natural complementing the story.  I did not expect the comedy elements but I was pleasantly surprised.  It made me chuckle in spite it being a serious film which brought in a lighter side to the story.  Mixing in humor in moments that was unanticipated gave this film a realism and authenticity.

As the film build towards the climax, I was not anticipating the bloody scenes that ensued towards the big action scene.  The effectiveness of these scenes played to the war torn events of the story. These scenes would not be appropriate for the faint-hearted.  I thought it could lean more to the violent side during these bloody episodes.  Fortunately for me, the blood did not ruin my enjoyment of the film.

In conclusion, I thought Sons of the Good Earth was a solid film to watch.  As for me who had never heard of King Hu, I thought this was good start to get to know what kind of films he made.  It was enjoyable and it kept me captivated throughout the film.  I would recommend this film to people who want to experience a foreign film.

Sons of the Good Earth Review